Michal Rovner: Communicating with the Audience: Implicit Meanings-Metaphor and Symbol

You know, I really think it’s unfair to say what kind of art is valid or invalid, or if something really means something or if it’s just bullshit- because I think that honestly it really comes down to the artist and what their intent was. Maybe some stuff IS bullshit, but who am I to say that, you know? But, I will say, that whether the art is something I’m super drawn to or not, I can always appreciate an artist who really works hard to convey a deeper meaning in their art- whether it’s in-your-face obvious or barely-there subtle. That’s why I really liked reading about Michal Rovner.

Her work is deeply infused with deeper meanings, and she uses metaphors and symbols to communicate this. For example, she uses various symbols to address the Gulf War- such as birds and helicopter noises to convey the essence of war. That’s the other thing I liked. It’s not just a visual experience. It’s like sensory overload with audio AND visual, which just lends itself even more to her work and subject matter.

Rovner’s work really isn’t my thing, like, I don’t really like it that much. Like I wouldn’t be like, oh shit Rovner’s my favorite!! But I like how invested she is in it, and I like how it’s CLEARLY not bullshit. It kind of makes me want to look more into symbology and different metaphoric ways to communicate the things I want to say without necessarily spelling it out for the viewer.



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