Matthew Ritchie

I am officially obsessed with this guy. He considers himself prominently a painter- but what he does with these conceptual paintings is what’s the most interesting part to me. He creates different worlds in his drawings and paintings, and then translates them to three dimensional sculptures.

“I start with a collection of ideas…and I draw out all these different motifs, and then I lay them on top of each other. So I have piles of semi-transparent drawings all layered on top of each other in my studio and they form a kind of tunnel of information. Out of that, you can pull this form that turns into the sculpture or the painting. It’s literally like pulling the narrative out of overlaying all of the structures. That’s how I end up with this structure. It’s derived from a series of drawings that I scan into the computer and refine through various processes…and send to the sheet-metal shop down the road where it’s cut out of metal and assembled into larger structures which are too big for my studio.”

I think the coolest part of Ritchie’s work is that it is so dimensional- literally AND figuratively. There are so many layers to his work conceptually that I think give the final product so much more depth.

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